About us

Our company consists of a young, dynamic and sports-enthusiastic team with different backgrounds, a lot of expertise and the same passion for sport.

This passion for sport is reflected in our lifestyle and guarantees close proximity to the market. The brands are lived, carried out and trends recognised early on.

We look forward to continuing to shape the future of sport in Switzerland together.

“Sideshore AG is not just a company – it is the beating heart of the sport.

With a clear focus on brand passion, ecological responsibility, innovative interaction, high reliability and speed, we set trends.

Our relationships with customers, partners and suppliers are based on trust, respect and common goals.”

Philipp Knecht

Unser Team

Philipp Knecht Managing Director

Die Interaktion zwischen zufriedenen Kunden, motivierten Mitarbeitern und innovativen Lieferanten motiviert mich tagtäglich das Beste dafür zu geben.

Beat Spörndli Stand In Managing Director

The interaction between satisfied customers, motivated employees and innovative suppliers motivates me to give my best every day.

Alena Holst Internal Sales Representative

Egal ob im Sport oder im Beruf, mein Ziel ist es mit dem Team erfolgreich zu sein.

Alexandra Näf IT & Business Process Management

It is a privilege to be accompanied by a passion for sport not only in one’s free time, but also in everyday working life.

Amanda Annen Accounting

Meine Faszination für die Sportwelten kann ich in der Sideshore an andere weitergeben.

Corinne Rüegg Accounting & Article management

Wonderful to practice a dry subject like accounting in such a cool atmosphere.

David Hoppensack Sales Representative Watersports

Es gibt nichts besseres, als sein Hobby zum Beruf zu machen und seine Faszination täglich weitergeben zu können.

Fabio Pally Internal Sales Representative

Sharing the passion for our brands with our customers on a daily base.

Heinz Henner Marketing & Business Development

With passion and a dynamic team, making the sports dreams of others come true.

Ivan Bajo Logistics

Working with products and in a team that make up my free time.

Michel Hoffmann Sales Representative Wintersports

Starke Brands und ein leidenschaftlich engagiertes Team machen den Unterschied aus.

Pascal Kurz Sales Representative Cycling

…weil Seitenwind mehr Spass bereitet als Gegenwind!

Roman Kaiser Internal Sales Representative & Warranty Processing

Being able to deal with the sporting goods from my passion every day motivates me.

Jean Michel Colson Sales Representative Cycling
Eric Baldeck Sales Representative Wintersport

Mit einem professionellen Team Produkte höchster Qualität zu verkaufen, das motiviert.