Sideshore AG strives to inspire and enrich the Swiss sports community. Our passion for sport drives us to deliver our best performance for our customers every day and to set innovative trends in the areas of water sports, winter sports, biking and leisure. Our dedicated employees are the backbone of our company. Their expertise, their love of sport and their team spirit are crucial to our success.


Sideshore AG’s mission is to fulfil the needs of sports enthusiasts in Switzerland by providing high quality products and services. Through our passion for sports, our commitment to reliability and speed, we strive to inspire and enrich the sports community.

Our values

We live and breathe sport. Our deep connection with a wide range of sporting activities, whether on the water, in the mountains or on the snow, is at the heart of our company. This passion drives us to offer only the best products and services.

For us, brands are more than just products. We live and represent the brands we sell and set trends in the sports industry. Through our conviction and expertise, we passionately bring these brands to the Swiss market and inspire others.

At Sideshore AG, we are aware of our responsibility for nature and the environment. We actively endeavour to select products and brands that use environmentally friendly materials and guarantee ecological manufacturing processes. We also work continuously to optimise our transport and logistics processes to minimise the carbon footprint of our supply chains.

We encourage interaction between our partners, be it with suppliers, retailers or athletes. These open communication channels enable the continuous exchange of information and lead to new, innovative ideas. These ideas flow directly into our product development and guarantee high quality.

Our customers and partners value our reliability and speed. We pride ourselves on providing first-class customer service, be it in sales, new product launches or brand presence in specialised shops. We focus on efficiency and timeliness to exceed our partners’ expectations, creating the foundation for long-term relationships based on trust, respect and shared goals.